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Our Current Board Members

President - Cadarette, Destiny

Vice President- Di Ruzza, Audriana 

Treasurer- Maxwell, Sandra 

Secretary - Kemeny, Tazdia 

Governance Chair- Giurca, Vlad 

Web Master- Krey, Tirzah 

Counselor 2- Boamah, Sheila P

Governance Committee Member 1 - Toma, Joseph 

Program Chair - Cadarette, Destiny 

Leadership Succession Chair- Yuen, Regina 

Membership Ambassador- Renaud, Melanie

News Letter Editor & Events Publications Officer- Robin Kellam

Other Committee Position - Sitarz, Hali 

Counselor 1- Bornais, Judy A

Leadership Succession Committee Member 2 - Kellam, Robin 

Membership Involvement Chair -Walsh, Virginia 

Governance Committee Member 2 - Yuen, Regina 

Want to know who else is part of your local chapter? Follow the link to find out!

Canada/U.S. Tel: 1-888-634-7575
International Tel: 1-317-634-8171

Windsor Office: (519)253-3000 ext. 2278

University of Windsor

Contact Us!

For  toll-free calling in the U.S. & Canada please call:


For international calls, please call:


Windsor Office

(519)253-3000 ext. 2278

Email us at:

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